In the table below you will find the records of stratospheric balloons launched from different countries and places during 1980, which are currently available in StratoCat's database. Each row shows basic data about the launch base from which departed, date and time of the launch, and if available the duration of the mission and the site of termination or landing place of the payload.

Regarding the kind of payload or experiment transported in each balloon mission, if you move the mouse over the column labeled "Experiment" a text will be displayed showing the name of the scientific institutions involved in that mission, a brief resume of the purpose of the experiment carried onboard as well the scientific results obtained, and other information of relevance from that particular mission. Finaly at the bottom of the window we added links to external references so you can get more detailed information on that particular flight. In most cases, these references are available throught scientific websites or journals for free. In other cases however, the information was published on journals only accesible throught direct suscription or using the access provided by Universities or research centers.

Launch baseDateFlight DurationExperimentPayload landing place or cause of the failure
Holloman AFB (NM)2/104 hSOLAR MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)2/26F 6 h 30 mTEST OF OUTER CAP BALLOON2 miles SW of Palestine, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)2/27F 7 h 55 mATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES5 miles S of Rising Star, Texas, US
Howard AFB, Panama3/11---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
Howard AFB, Panama3/12---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
Howard AFB, Panama3/13---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)3/18F 5 h 30 mTEST OF RAVEN BALLOON5 miles N of Forest, Mississippi, US
Cachoeira Paulista (SP)3/2914 hSOURCE TELESCOPEIn Capivari, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Cachoeira Paulista (SP)4/314 h 30 mDOUBLE PROBE ELECTRIC FIELD DETECTOR--- No Data ---
Holloman AFB (NM)4/49 hASHCAN--- No Data ---
Hyderabad4/75 hX-RAY STUDIES--- No Data ---
Cachoeira Paulista (SP)4/911 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
Holloman AFB (NM)4/109 h 50 mASHCAN--- No Data ---
Mildura4/1314h 15mINFRARED TELESCOPE--- No Data ---
Holloman AFB (NM)4/145 h 50 mASHCAN--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)4/15F 9 h 50 mFASTIE-EBER SPECTROMETER7 miles S of Winsboro, Louisiana, US
Palestine (TX)4/19F 8 h 20 mBALLOON-BORNE LIDAR5 miles N of Bunkie, Louisiana, US
Hyderabad4/192 hX-RAY STUDIES--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)4/20F 6 h 50 mU.V. EXPERIMENT25 miles S of Paucheville, Louisiana, US
Palestine (TX)4/20F 3 h 25 mSTRATOSPHERIC OZONE MEASUREMENTS5 miles N of Tylertown, Mississippi, US
Hyderabad4/254 hX-RAY STUDIES--- No Data ---
Holloman AFB (NM)4/287 h 10 mTRIWAS sampler--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour4/30---PACIMS (Passive Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry)--- No Data ---
Holloman AFB (NM)5/17 h 10 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)5/6F 6 h 40 mFABRY-PEROT INTERFEROMETER35 miles SW of Newton, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)5/7F 20 h 45 mX-RAY EXPERIMENTPayload destroyed in free fall. Impact 5 miles SSW of Woodville, Texas, US
Aire Sur L'Adour5/7---LIMB CAMERA--- No Data ---
Malden (MO)5/94 d 7 hSKY ANCHOR XI--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)5/946 hHEXE (High Energy X-Ray Experiment)17 miles E of Seminole, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)5/10---LEGS (Low Energy Gamma-ray Spectrometer)Balloon failure at 22 km. Payload landed 25 miles NE of Nacogodches, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)5/17F 25 hMISO - GAMMA RAY TELESCOPE25 miles SW of Carlsbad, New Mexico, US
Palestine (TX)5/17F 38 h 25 mCOSMIC RAY PHYSICS EXPERIMENT15 miles N of Sierra Blanca Texas, US
Palestine (TX)5/20F 7 h 45 mU.V. EXPERIMENT5 Miles SE of Richland, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)5/22---TRAINING FLIGHT34 Miles NW of Lufkin, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)5/23F 12 h 10 mATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES36 Miles NNE of Austin, Texas, US
Holloman AFB (NM)5/276 h 45 mEPSILON AEROSOL SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
Sanriku5/29---PARACHUTE DEPLOYMENT TEST--- No Data ---
Gap-Tallard6/5---LIMB CAMERA--- No Data ---
Eielson AFB (AK)6/7---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
Eielson AFB (AK)6/85 h 40 mASHCAN--- No Data ---
Eielson AFB (AK)6/95 h 55 mASHCAN--- No Data ---
Gap-Tallard6/14---SIMBA (Solar Irradiance Monitoring from Balloons)Balloon did not reached float altitude. Payload landed on a glacier in the French Alps.
Gap-Tallard6/168 hMASS SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
The Pas (MB)6/18F 21 hANTIPROTON FLUX DETECTORNear Vermillion, Alberta, Canada
Gap-Tallard6/20F 3 h 55 mSIMBA (Solar Irradiance Monitoring from Balloons)--- No Data ---
Gap-Tallard6/21---PACIMS (Passive Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry)--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)6/23F 11 h 20 mINFRARED EXPERIMENT14 Miles SW of Ft.Stockton, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)6/26---ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES25 Miles N of Big Lake, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)6/27F 10 h 10 mHARD X-RAY DETECTOR14 Miles SE of Van Horn,Texas, US
Palestine (TX)6/27F 13 hX-RAY EXPERIMENT24 Miles SW of Deming, New Mexico, US
Trapani7/19~ 18 hULISSE 80In Spain
Gimli (MB)7/2217 hFOTOLYSIS CELLNE of Minot, North Dakota, US
Holloman AFB (NM)7/23---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
Stuttgart (AR)7/2421 h 15 mRADIOMETRIC TEST FLIGHT--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)7/24F 5 h 10 mSOLAR CELL CALIBRATION14 Miles S of Brownwood,Texas, US
Trapani7/2520 h 25 mNAUSICAAIn Huelva, Spain
Holloman AFB (NM)7/25---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
Holloman AFB (NM)7/297 h 40 mASHCAN--- No Data ---
Gimli (MB)8/28 hFOTOLYSIS CELLNE of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Trapani8/10F 19 hHXM-80M / CIRCEIn Spain
Palestine (TX)8/15F 9 h 55 mSUB MILLIMITER SURVEY6 Miles NE of Garden City, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)8/22F 2 h 15 mATMOSPHERIC SCIENCESIn Rising, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)8/27F 8 h 20 mBIRAP (Balloon InfraRed Astronomy Platform)10 Miles N of Odessa, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)9/4F 9 h 45 mMSBS (Mass Spectrometer-Beam System) + UV EXPERIMENT25 Miles NW of Juction, Texas, US
Pierre (SD)9/6F 33 h 25 mCOSMIC RAY EXPERIMENT--- No Data ---
Pierre (SD)9/9F 35 h 30 mCOSMIC RAY EXPERIMENT--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour9/11---SPECTROPHOTOMETER--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)9/12F 13 hBIRAP (Balloon InfraRed Astronomy Platform)29 Miles NW of San Angelo, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)9/14F 1 hGAMMA RAY EXPERIMENT5 Miles N of Blooming Grove, Texas, US
Kourou9/1638 dRACCOON (Radiation Contolled Balloon)In the Amazonic jungle
Aire Sur L'Adour9/17---PACIMS (Passive Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry)--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour9/18---MASS SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
Kourou9/1914 dRACCOON (Radiation Contolled Balloon)--- No Data ---
Pierre (SD)9/22F 43 h 30 mCOSMIC RAY EXPERIMENT--- No Data ---
Kourou9/2227 dRACCOON (Radiation Contolled Balloon)--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)9/24F 29 h 20 mGAMMA RAY EXPERIMENT10 Miles SW of Eunice, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)9/24F 36 h 15 mLEGS (Low Energy Gamma-ray Spectrometer)15 Miles S of Alamagordo, New Mexico, US
Pierre (SD)9/25F 18 h 20 mCOSMIC RAY EXPERIMENT--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour9/25---CRYOGENIC SAMPLER--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour9/26---PACIMS (Passive Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry)--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)9/30F 17 h 20 mGAMMA RAY EXPERIMENT3 Miles SW of Hattiesburg, Missouri, US
Sanriku9/30---MICROGRAVITY TEST--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)10/1F 37 h 30 mCOSMIC RAY ELECTRON TELESCOPE1 Mile W of Emannual, Georgia, US
Palestine (TX)10/1F 11 hGERMANIUM GAMMA RAY TELESCOPE15 Miles NW of McComb, Missouri, US
Palestine (TX)10/4F 15 hX-RAY TELESCOPE17 Miles N of Meridian, Mississippi, US
Palestine (TX)10/6F 31 hGAMMA-RAY EXPERIMENT10 Miles NW of Roanoke, Virginia, US
Palestine (TX)10/7F 33 h 30 mJACEE 2 (Japanese-American Collaborative Emulsion Experiment)11 Miles of Elkins, West Virginia, US
Holloman AFB (NM)10/85 h 45 mSCRIBE (Stratospheric cryogenic interferometer balloon experiment)--- No Data ---
Holloman AFB (NM)10/9---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)10/10F 21 hATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES5 Miles SW of Blakey, Georgia, US
Aire Sur L'Adour10/15---LIMB CAMERA--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour10/15---HELISONDE--- No Data ---
Holloman AFB (NM)10/162 h 20 mASHCANBalloon Failure - Low Float altitude
Palestine (TX)10/20F 11 hBALLOON-BORNE LIDARFree fall of the payload. Impact 2 Miles NW of Bogalusa, Louisiana, US
Palestine (TX)10/20---ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES10 Miles SE of Palestine, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)10/2016 h102 CM FAR INFRARED TELESCOPE14 Miles S of Arcadia, Louisiana, US
Aire Sur L'Adour10/21---CRYOGENIC SAMPLER--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)10/22F 12 h 20 mFAR INFRARED EXPERIMENT--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)10/23F 12 hATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES20 Miles N of Greenville, Mississippi, US
Palestine (TX)10/25F 15 h 45 mGOLDENER DRACHE TELESKOP5 Miles W of Morton, Mississippi, US
Hyderabad10/30---TICAL - X-RAY TELESCOPE--- No Data ---
Gimli (MB)11/1F 6 hHIGH RESOLUTION SPECTROMETERThe instrument was demolished when it was dropped from a helicopter during recovery.
Hyderabad11/66 h 15 mNATALYA 1--- No Data ---
Alice Springs11/1230 hAGLAEIn an aborigin reserve 600 km from Alice Spring
Palestine (TX)11/19F 8 h60 CM INFRARED TELESCOPE + POLARIMETER15 Miles E of Guitman, Mississippi, US
Cachoeira Paulista (SP)11/197 hPEROBA (Plataformas Experimentais com Rastreio Orientado para BAlões)In Maria da Fe - Minas Gerais
Palestine (TX)12/3F 15 h 45 m102 CM FAR INFRARED TELESCOPE5 Miles SW of Singer, Louisiana, US
Siple Dome12/11---X-RAY & ELECTRIC FIELD DETECTOR--- No Data ---
Siple Dome12/12---X-RAY & ELECTRIC FIELD DETECTOR--- No Data ---
Siple Dome12/19---X-RAY & ELECTRIC FIELD DETECTOR--- No Data ---
Siple Dome12/31---X-RAY & ELECTRIC FIELD DETECTOR--- No Data ---