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The stories that shaped scientific ballooning. Events and happenings, many of them memorable and epic, some others funny, a few curious or strange and even some tragedies.

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On this day...

Remembering every month important events and dates of scientific ballooning history

In this edition:

  • NASA completes balloon campaign in Antarctica
  • Space Perspective unveils hardware for manned flights
  • Two new manned balloon flights by Iwaya Giken in Japan
  • Aerostar activity and some questions
  • In brief

World Balloon News is a somewhat regular bulletin containing balloon-related news of what's going on in the field, some speculation (fancy term for "insider data" from sources I can't reveal), historical images, and details about the new contents that week after week enrich this humble project.

Weekly Balloon News # 11 - Chinese balloon edition - March 4th, 2023


  • What kind of balloon it was?
  • Not an isolated incident, and not a "fleet" of spy balloons.
  • Previous sightings. Connecting the dots
  • The first downing using missiles? Yes and No
  • The "secret" Chinese balloon base
  • Science on the edge of reality
  • The "weather balloon" explanation 70 years later

Left: The best picture of the Chinese balloon, taken by Frank Melliere above Illinois

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Balloons in flight (updated 13-Apr-2024 - 05:47:36pm)

Launched fromIn flight sincePayload or experimentLast known status
  Santa Fe County (NM)1/27/2024THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 673PROBABLY STILL IN FLIGHT >>>> Last known position (3/11/2024)
  Santa Fe County (NM)3/28/2024THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 676PROBABLY STILL IN FLIGHT >>>> Last known position (4/3/2024)
  Hurley (SD)4/5/2024THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 681PROBABLY STILL IN FLIGHT >>>> Last known position (4/8/2024)

Last completed balloon flights (updated 13-Apr-2024 - 05:47:36pm)

Launch baseDateExperimentFlight duration
 Hurley (SD)2024/4/4THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6828 h
 Silver Springs (NV)2024/2/27THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT N251TH6 d
 Silver Springs (NV)2024/2/27THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6786 d
 Santa Fe County (NM)2024/3/29THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 68028 h
 Spaceport Tucson (AZ)2024/3/9STRATOLLITE2 d 7 h
 McMurdo2023/12/31GUSTO (Galactic / Extragalactic ULDB Spectroscopic Terahertz Observatory)57 d
 Spaceport Tucson (AZ)2024/2/23MANTIS-14 h 20 m
 Hurley (SD)2024/2/21THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 67529 h
 Hurley (SD)2023/10/23THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 66195 d
 Santa Fe County (NM)2024/1/25THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6743 h 20 m
 Hurley (SD)2024/1/20THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6727 h
 McMurdo2024/1/10AESOP-Lite + ANIHALA46 h
 Fort Sumner (NM)2023/9/7HASP 2023 (High Altitude Student Platform)13 h
 Tillamook (OR)2023/9/6PAYLOAD UNKNOWN5 h
 Fort Sumner (NM)2023/9/27JPL REMOTE15 h
 Fort Sumner (NM)2023/9/25FIREBALL (Faint Intergalactic-medium Redshifted Emission Balloon)11 h
 ESRANGE2023/9/24BEXUS 32 (Balloon EXperiments for University Students)3 h 31 m
 ESRANGE2023/9/21BEXUS 33 (Balloon EXperiments for University Students)---
 Hurley (SD)2023/9/12THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6602 d 9 h
 Hurley (SD)2023/9/8THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6595 d 4 h
 Inyokern (CA)2023/8/28THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6574 d
 Timmins (ON)2023/8/8COMICS7 h 45 m
 Dagget (CA)2023/8/5THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 65055 m
 Hurley (SD)2023/8/1THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 879TH3 d
 Inyokern (CA)2023/8/28THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6543 d 5 h
 Inyokern (CA)2023/8/28THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6563 d 7 h
 Hurley (SD)2023/8/30SOLD (Stratospheric Optical Link Demonstration)7 h 30 m
 Inyokern (CA)2023/8/28THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6552 d 6 h
 Fort Sumner (NM)2023/8/27GRAPE (Gamma-Ray Polarimeter Experiment) + ComPair6 h 30 m
 Timmins (ON)2023/8/27pre-TRANSAT14 h 30 m
 Dagget (CA)2023/8/11THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 64913 d 3 h
 Timmins (ON)2023/8/22HICIBAS5 h 10 m
 Dagget (CA)2023/8/5THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 64814 d 12 h
 Fort Sumner (NM)2023/8/19SALTER TEST FLIGHT5 h
 Page (AZ)2023/8/16STRATOLLITE - GRYPHON 2911 h
 Timmins (ON)2023/8/15BESAFE---
 Dagget (CA)2023/8/11THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 65215 h 45 m
 Dagget (CA)2023/8/9THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6512 d 7 h
 Hurley (SD)2023/7/21THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 63810 d 22 h
 Taiki2023/7/9RERA #3 (Rubber balloon Experiment for Reentry capsule with thin-type Aeroshell)~ 2 h
 Taiki2023/7/8RERA #2 (Rubber balloon Experiment for Reentry capsule with thin-type Aeroshell)~ 2 h
 Hurley (SD)2023/6/28THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6358 d 19 h
 Taiki2023/7/27GRAMS (Gamma-Ray and AntiMatter Survey)3 h 20 m
 Taiki2023/7/26MABE-2 (Mars Airplane Balloon Experiment Two)2 h
 Hurley (SD)2023/5/3THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 62883 d 8 h
 Palestine (TX)2023/7/16WHATSUP (Water Hunting Advanced Terahertz Spectrometer on a Ultra Small Platform)6 h 20 m
 Hurley (SD)2023/7/11THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6362 d 13 h