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Weekly Balloon News # 11 - Chinese balloon edition - March 4th, 2023

In this edition:

  • What kind of balloon it was?
  • Not an isolated incident, and not a "fleet" of spy balloons.
  • Previous sightings. Connecting the dots
  • The first downing using missiles? Yes and No
  • The "secret" Chinese balloon base
  • Science on the edge of reality
  • The "weather balloon" explanation 70 years later

Left: The best picture of the Chinese balloon, taken by Frank Melliere above Illinois

Weekly Balloon News is a somewhat regular bulletin containing balloon-related news of what's going on in the field, some speculation (fancy term for "insider data" from sources I can’t reveal), historical images, and details about the new contents that week after week enrich this humble project.

Balloons in flight (updated 19-Mar-2023 - 01:03:56am)

Launched fromIn flight sincePayload or experimentLast known status
 Indiantown (FL)3/2/2023THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 620PROBABLY STILL IN FLIGHT --> Last known position
 Santa Fe County (NM)12/12/2022THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 614The balloon is still in flight as of March 10th, 2023 above the Atlantic Ocean near the Gulf of Guinea

Last completed balloon flights (updated 19-Mar-2023 - 01:03:56am)

Launch baseDateExperimentFlight duration
 Hurley (SD)2023/3/15THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6212 d 15 h 15 m
 TIFR Hyderabad2023/2/17FPS100 - INFRARED TELESCOPE---
 Raven campus, Baltic (SD)2023/2/10THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6191 d 21 h
 Raven campus, Baltic (SD)2023/2/7THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6182 d 16 h
 Santa Fe County (NM)2023/2/1THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6173 d 11 h 49 m
 Santa Fe County (NM)2023/1/31THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6162 d 8 h 49 m
 McMurdo2022/12/21SPIDER (Suborbital Polarimeter for Inflation Dust and the Epoch of Reionization)16 d 7 h
 Spaceport Tucson (AZ)2022/12/2TEST FLIGHT1 h 57 m
 Paso Robles (CA)2022/11/3THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 61317 h
 Paso Robles (CA)2022/10/27THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 61229 h
 Raven campus, Baltic (SD)2022/10/20THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 61149 h
 Raven campus, Baltic (SD)2022/10/18THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6095 d 5 h
 Raven campus, Baltic (SD)2022/10/18THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 61010 d
 Madras Muni. (OR)2022/10/12PAYLOAD UNKNOWN2 h
 Madras Muni. (OR)2022/10/7PAYLOAD UNKNOWN---
 Dachaidan2022/10/4SOLAR CORONAGRAPH---
 Dachaidan2022/10/2SOLAR CELL CALIBRATION2 h
 Dachaidan2022/9/30HEAVY PAYLOAD TEST2 h 24 m
 Raven campus, Baltic (SD)2022/9/28THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 608~ 8 d
 Dachaidan2022/9/28MULTI-INSTRUMENTAL PLATFORM12 h 38 m
 Fort Sumner (NM)2022/9/28PICTURE-C (Planetary Imaging Concept Testbed Using a Recoverable Experiment - Coronagraph)19 h 20 m
 Fort Sumner (NM)2022/9/22TINMAN (ThermalIzed Neutron MeAsuremeNt experiment)7 h 30 m
 Santa Fe County (NM)2022/9/10THUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6071 h
 Fort Sumner (NM)2022/9/8HASP 2022 (High Altitude Student Platform)21 h 7 m
 ESRANGE2022/9/7HEMERA ZPB202211 h 30 m
 Fort Sumner (NM)2022/9/7BALBOA (BALloon-Based Observations for sunlit Aurora)8 h 45 m