In the table below you will find the records of stratospheric balloons launched from different countries and places during 2002, which are currently available in StratoCat's database. Each row shows basic data about the launch base from which departed, date and time of the launch, and if available the duration of the mission and the site of termination or landing place of the payload.

Regarding the kind of payload or experiment transported in each balloon mission, if you click the experiment name a text will be displayed showing the name of the scientific institutions involved in that mission, a brief resume of the purpose of the experiment carried onboard as well the scientific results obtained, and other information of relevance from that particular mission. Finaly at the bottom of the window there are links to external references. In some cases, these references are available throught scientific websites or journals for free. In other cases however, the information was published on journals only accesible throught direct suscription or using the access provided by Universities or research centers.

Launch baseDateFlight DurationExperimentPayload landing place or cause of the failure
ESRANGE1/941 (d ? h ?)Vorcore - Long Duration--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/153 h 35 mOPENING FLIGHT--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/176 hARCHEOPS 2 + PSCIn Finland
ESRANGE1/19---Vorcore - Long Duration--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/215 h 35 mSALOMON (Spectroscopie d'Absorption Lunaire pour l'Observation des Minoritaires Ozone et Nox)--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/22---VLD--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/22---VLD--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/24---VLD--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/26---VLD--- No Data ---
ESRANGE2/1---VLD--- No Data ---
ESRANGE2/4---VLD--- No Data ---
ESRANGE2/5---VLD--- No Data ---
ESRANGE2/721 h 7 mARCHEOPSNear Norilsk, Russian Federation
ESRANGE2/124 hMIPAS-B2 (Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding - Balloonborne)In the Russian Federation
Tillamook (OR)2/284 h 45 mDRIFTSONDE TEST--- No Data ---
ESRANGE3/2---HALOZ 2-1--- No Data ---
ESRANGE3/13---MIR ALLEGEE--- No Data ---
ESRANGE3/14---MIR VLD-1 / INMARSAT--- No Data ---
ESRANGE3/173,5 dTEST FLIGHTOver Canada 45ºN - 124ºW
Aire Sur L'Adour4/155 h 22 mOPENING FLIGHT--- No Data ---
TIFR Hyderabad4/175 h 55 mDEVELOPMENTAL FLIGHT (D-10)--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour4/224 h 24 mORIENTABLE GONDOLANear the town of Foix
Aire Sur L'Adour4/256 h 16 mOZONE SAMPLER--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour5/143 h 13 mSAOZ + SAOZ H2O + DIRAC + µLIDAR--- No Data ---
Tillamook (OR)5/154 h 13 mSPRITE--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour5/1533 mmicro-SDLA--- No Data ---
Sanriku5/173 h 15 mGPS SYSTEM TEST--- No Data ---
Laramie (WY)5/23---AEROSOL COUNTER--- No Data ---
Sanriku5/234 h 23 mULTRA THIN FILM BALLOON TEST--- No Data ---
Sanriku5/2411 h 45 mHARD X-RAY SPECTROMETERA parachute failure caused the instrument to land harder than intended and as a result of the impact resulted partially destroyed.
Aire Sur L'Adour5/244 h 3 mmicro-SDLA--- No Data ---
Fort Sumner (NM)5/2511 h 30 mHEAT pbar (High-Energy Antimatter Telescope)32 miles NE of Socorro, New Mexico, US
Trapani5/304 h 10 mHASI (Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument)In southern Sicily, Italy
Sanriku5/304 h 45 mPOLAR BESS - Solar Array Test--- No Data ---
Tillamook (OR)6/2115 h 30 mGAINS (Global Atmosphere-ocean IN-situ System) - Prototype IIISouth of The Dalles, Oregon, US
Trapani6/2324 hBIRBA (Biological Radiation on Balloon)In Spain
Palestine (TX)7/63 h 45 mULDB (Ultra Long Duration Balloon)5 miles ESE of Turnnerville, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)7/96 h 25 mSOLAR CELL CALIBRATION7 miles E of Wingate, Texas, US
Trapani7/10~ 12 hBABY (BAckground BYpass)In Spain
Palestine (TX)7/25~ 5 hSOLAR CELL CALIBRATION4 miles of Brownwood,Texas, US
Trapani7/2920 hIBEX (Infrared Balloon-borne EXperiment)In Sierra Nevada, Spain
ESRANGE8/54 h 20 mLPMA-IASI (Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer)200 kms southwest from Kiruna, Sweden
Lynn Lake (MB)8/723 h 14 mBESS (Balloon-borne Experiment with a Superconducting Spectrometer)18 miles W of Ft. McMurray, Alberta, Canada
ESRANGE8/8---SDLA-LAMA (Spectromètre à Diode Laser Accordable - Laser pour l'Analyse du Méthane Atmosphérique)--- No Data ---
ESRANGE8/12---SAOZ (Systeme d'Analyse par Observation Zenithale)--- No Data ---
Lynn Lake (MB)8/1338 h 40 mAESOP (Anti-Electron Sub Orbital Payload) + LEE (Low Energy Electrons)21 miles SW of Peace River, Alberta, Canada
ESRANGE8/18---LPMA (Limb Profile Monitor of the Atmosphere)40 km W of Jokkmokk, Sweden
Lynn Lake (MB)8/2522 h 15 mLEE (Low Energy Electrons) + UHAB (Ultra High Altitude Balloon) test8 miles SSW of Anzac, Alberta, Canada
Vanscoy (SK)9/318 hMANTRA (Middle Atmosphere Nitrogen TRend Assesment)At 52.276°N latitude, 100.208°W longitude, near Duck Bay in Lake Winnipegosis, Manitoba province.
Sanriku9/49 hCRYOGENIC SAMPLER--- No Data ---
Sanriku9/52 h 50 mOPTICAL OZONE SONDE--- No Data ---
Fort Sumner (NM)9/74 h 40 mSOLAR CELL CALIBRATION50 miles ENE of Albuquerque, New Mexico, US
Sanriku9/914 h 15 mAUTO LEVEL CONTROL SYSTEM--- No Data ---
Sanriku9/124 h 50 mATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
Vanscoy (SK)9/15---LE GRAND SAUT - I (Fournier)Balloon failure during inflation
Aire Sur L'Adour9/16---µSDLA--- No Data ---
Fort Sumner (NM)9/162 h 45 mCOSMIC RAY ASTROPHYSICS43 miles SE of Ft.Sumner, New Mexico, US
Tillamook (OR)9/19---ARES (Aerial Regional-scale Environmental Survey of Mars)--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour9/19---SALOMON (Spectroscopie d'Absorption Lunaire pour l'Observation des Minoritaires Ozone et Nox)In Romania
Fort Sumner (NM)9/2022 h 30 mMAXIPOL16 miles N of Canadian, New Mexico, US
Aire Sur L'Adour9/24---MIPAS-B2 (Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding - Balloonborne)--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour9/24---TRIPLE + CHILD--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour10/1---SAOZ (Systeme d'Analyse par Observation Zenithale) + SAOZ-BrO + µLIDAR + NILU CUBE--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour10/2---SPIRALE (Spectroscopie Infra-Rouge par Absorption de Laser Embarqué)--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour10/4---SAOZ + SAOZ H2O + DIRAC--- No Data ---
Fort Sumner (NM)10/98 h 40 mNEUTRONS SPECTROMETER28 miles NW of Ft. Sumner, New Mexico, US
Fort Sumner (NM)10/134 h 30 mALIAS II + UV O3 PHOTOMETER43 miles SE of Ft. Sumner, New Mexico, US
Fort Sumner (NM)10/209 h 25 mALIAS II72 miles SE of Lubbock, Texas, US
Tillamook (OR)11/145 hDRIFTSONDE TEST--- No Data ---
ESRANGE11/253 h 48 mBEXUS I (Balloon Experiments for University Students) + EBASSW of Kuosku, Finland
ESRANGE11/283 h 38 mOZONE SAMPLER--- No Data ---
ESRANGE12/4---PSC2--- No Data ---
ESRANGE12/6---PSC1--- No Data ---
Cachoeira Paulista (SP)12/6~ 15 hSPRITES DETECTION--- No Data ---
ESRANGE12/77 hMIPAS-B2 (Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding - Balloonborne)Near the russian city of Murmansk
ESRANGE12/16~ 5 hMKIV INTERFEROMETER + UV O3 PHOTOMETER100 km SW of Murmansk, Russian Federation
TIFR Hyderabad12/21---LASE (Large Area Scintillation counter Experiment)--- No Data ---
McMurdo12/2919 d 21 hATIC-2 (Advanced Thin Ionization Calorimeter)65 miles WSW of Terra Nova Base, Antarctica

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