In the table below you will find the records of stratospheric balloons launched from different countries and places during 1990, which are currently available in StratoCat's database. Each row shows basic data about the launch base from which departed, date and time of the launch, and if available the duration of the mission and the site of termination or landing place of the payload.

Regarding the kind of payload or experiment transported in each balloon mission, if you click the experiment name a text will be displayed showing the name of the scientific institutions involved in that mission, a brief resume of the purpose of the experiment carried onboard as well the scientific results obtained, and other information of relevance from that particular mission. Finaly at the bottom of the window there are links to external references. In some cases, these references are available throught scientific websites or journals for free. In other cases however, the information was published on journals only accesible throught direct suscription or using the access provided by Universities or research centers.

Launch baseDateFlight DurationExperimentPayload landing place or cause of the failure
Syowa1/528 dPPB (Polar Patrol Balloon) - Test flight--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/9---LMD--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/10---ELHYSA (Etude de L'Hygromérie Stratosphérique) + Telemetry test--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/13---KR 007--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/16---KR 010--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/18---LOAL-LILLE--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/18---CNRS-SA--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/19---ELHYSA (Etude de L'Hygromérie Stratosphérique)--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/19---KR 013--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/24---KR 017--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/26---ELHYSA (Etude de L'Hygromérie Stratosphérique)--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/27---KR 023--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/29---KFA--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/30---KR 023--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/30---MPIK--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/31---CNRS--- No Data ---
ESRANGE1/31---KR 025--- No Data ---
ESRANGE2/2---KR 027--- No Data ---
ESRANGE2/5---MPIK--- No Data ---
ESRANGE2/6------ NO DATA ------ No Data ---
ESRANGE2/8---TECHNO BA--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour2/19---RASCIBA (Radar - SCIdar - Ballon)--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour2/20---RASCIBA (Radar - SCIdar - Ballon)--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour2/22---RASCIBA (Radar - SCIdar - Ballon)--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour3/1---RASCIBA (Radar - SCIdar - Ballon)--- No Data ---
Cachoeira Paulista (SP)3/1323 hMAGNETIC STORM OBSERVATIONIn California - Paraná.
Hyderabad3/24---X-RAY STUDIESPayload lost
Hyderabad4/93 h 55 mGas sampling and radiation measurements--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour4/26---LONG DURATION BALLOON TEST--- No Data ---
Fort Sumner (NM)5/4---SDS (Solar Disk Sextant)15 miles W of Sayre, Oklahoma, US
Aire Sur L'Adour5/46 hMIPAS-B1 (Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding - Balloonborne)--- No Data ---
Fort Sumner (NM)5/5---BALLOON STRESS TEST10 miles W of Tulia, Texas, US
Fort Sumner (NM)5/12---DUAL-BEAM UV-ABSORPTION OZONE PHOTOMETER8 miles W of Dimmit, Texas, US
ESRANGE5/22---PIROG 4 (Pointing InfraRed Observing Gondola)The gondola landed practically undamaged in a swamp a few hundred meters from the launch pad.
ESRANGE5/23---MIKROBA 4 (MIKRO-g with Ballon drop capsule)--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)5/24F 7 h 4 mMIT RADIOMETER32 miles SW of Brownwood, Texas, US
Fort Sumner (NM)5/3121 hGRIS (Gamma-Ray Imaging Spectrometer)5 miles NE of Show Low, Arizona, US
Sanriku6/4---SAKURA (Cryogenic Sampler)--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)6/4F 9 hINTERFEROMETER10 miles SW of Coleman, Texas, US
Fort Sumner (NM)6/428 hFIRS-2 (far infrared Fourier transform spectrometer) / Dual-beam In-Situ UV-Absorption Ozone Photometer22 miles NW of Prescott, Arizona, US
Trapani6/27---AROMEBalloon burst at 22 km. Payload recovered from sea the next day.
Palestine (TX)7/2F 6 h 40 mMAX (Millimeter wavelength Anisotropy eXperiment)23 miles WNW of San Angelo, Texas, US
Trapani7/9~ 9 hFIGARO II (French Italian Gamma Ray Observatory)--- No Data ---
Fort Sumner (NM)7/10---HEAVY LOAD TEST8 miles S of Belen, New Mexico, US
Palestine (TX)7/20F 1 h 17 mSOLAR CELL CALIBRATIONFreefall from 120 kft. 25 Miles N of Brady, Texas, US
Trapani7/22---THEMIS--- No Data ---
Trapani7/25---TRIP--- No Data ---
Roswell (NM)7/284 h 40 mPATHFINDER PROGRAM--- No Data ---
Fort Sumner (NM)7/28---HEAVY LOAD TEST9 miles NW of Corona, New Mexico, US
Roswell (NM)7/293 h 55 mPATHFINDER PROGRAM--- No Data ---
Roswell (NM)7/305 h 25 mPATHFINDER PROGRAM--- No Data ---
Roswell (NM)7/315 h 40 mPATHFINDER PROGRAM--- No Data ---
Roswell (NM)8/24 h 25 mPATHFINDER PROGRAM--- No Data ---
Xiang He8/573 hTECHNOLOGICAL FLIGHT130 km from Tashkent, Russia
Trapani8/6---ILIADA--- No Data ---
Vanscoy (SK)8/12---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
Vanscoy (SK)8/19---RADIOMETERS--- No Data ---
Vanscoy (SK)8/26---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
ESRANGE8/27---PIROG 5 (Pointing InfraRed Observing Gondola)Shootdown by soviet fighters near the Finish-Russian border.
Palestine (TX)8/29F 4 h 27 mHIGH RESOLUTION IR SOLAR OBSERVATIONInside Big Spring, Texas, US
Vanscoy (SK)8/30---RADIOMETERS--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)9/6F 4 h 48 mSOLAR CELL CALIBRATION16 miles S of Mexia, Texas, US
Aire Sur L'Adour9/63 h 30 mFALKE--- No Data ---
Tillamook (OR)9/831 hEARTHWINDS (Dzhanibehov - Lachenmeier - Moses - Newman)In Omak, Washington, US
Aire Sur L'Adour9/26---FAR INFRARED TELESCOPENear Alès, Languedoc, France
Fort Sumner (NM)9/26F 44 hJACEE 9 (Japanese-American Collaborative Emulsion Experiment)13 miles NW of Olathe, Kansas, US
Fort Sumner (NM)9/27---MKIV INTERFEROMETER + in situ O3 Photometer47 miles ESE of Childress, Texas, US
Aire Sur L'Adour10/6---ELHYSA (Etude de L'Hygromérie Stratosphérique)--- No Data ---
Fort Sumner (NM)10/11---SDS (Solar Disk Sextant)13 miles S of Shawnee, Oklahoma, US
Fort Sumner (NM)10/30---ELBBO (Extended Life Balloon Borne Observatories Program)4.5 miles NW of Kenna, New Mexico, US
Aire Sur L'Adour11/10---FISH (Fast In situ Stratospheric Hygrometer)--- No Data ---
Cachoeira Paulista (SP)11/1430 hSUPERNOVA 1987 A OBSERVATIONIn Meridiano - Sao Paulo.
Paraná11/18---COSMIC RAYS DETECTOR--- No Data ---
Mendoza11/203 h 55 mPORTS (Propagation des Ondes de Relief Tropospherique Stratospherique)--- No Data ---
Mendoza11/235 h 19 mPORTS (Propagation des Ondes de Relief Tropospherique Stratospherique)--- No Data ---
Mendoza11/275 h 25 mPORTS (Propagation des Ondes de Relief Tropospherique Stratospherique)--- No Data ---
Cachoeira Paulista (SP)11/2912 hWELCOME IIn Ribas do Rio Pardo - Mato Grosso do Sul
Mendoza12/25 h 24 mPORTS (Propagation des Ondes de Relief Tropospherique Stratospherique)--- No Data ---
McMurdo12/218 d 17 h 39 mJACEE 10 + HIREGS + PAX113 miles SE of McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Syowa12/25---PPB (Polar Patrol Balloon)--- No Data ---