In the table below you will find the records of stratospheric balloons launched from different countries and places during 1983, which are currently available in StratoCat's database. Each row shows basic data about the launch base from which departed, date and time of the launch, and if available the duration of the mission and the site of termination or landing place of the payload.

Regarding the kind of payload or experiment transported in each balloon mission, if you move the mouse over the column labeled "Experiment" a text will be displayed showing the name of the scientific institutions involved in that mission, a brief resume of the purpose of the experiment carried onboard as well the scientific results obtained, and other information of relevance from that particular mission. Finaly at the bottom of the window we added links to external references so you can get more detailed information on that particular flight. In most cases, these references are available throught scientific websites or journals for free. In other cases however, the information was published on journals only accesible throught direct suscription or using the access provided by Universities or research centers.

Launch baseDateFlight DurationExperimentPayload landing place or cause of the failure
Alice Springs1/1922 dEOSCOR III (Extended Observation of Solar COsmic Radiation)Lost over the Indian Ocean
Palestine (TX)1/239 h 55 mFIRS (Far InfraRed Spectrometer)8 miles W of Jena, Louisiana, US
Holloman AFB (NM)1/23---CASSETTE SAMPLER--- No Data ---
Christchurch3/7---EMA I (Electrodynamics of the Middle Atmosphere)--- No Data ---
Christchurch3/13---EMA II (Electrodynamics of the Middle Atmosphere)--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour3/19---PACIMS (Passive Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry)--- No Data ---
Cachoeira Paulista (SP)3/2510 hX-RAY EXPERIMENTIn Fazenda Sao Jose, Itaí (SP), Brazil
Hyderabad4/44 h 15 mX-RAY STUDIES--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)4/16---VALIDATION OF SME (Solar Mesosphere Explorer) SATELLITE DATA35 miles SE of Vicksburg, Mississippi, US
Palestine (TX)4/16---INFRARED GRATING SPECTROMETER20 miles E of Jackson, Mississippi, US
Holloman AFB (NM)4/204 hUV SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour4/306 hFAR INFRARED TELESCOPENear Tauves, Auvernia region, France
Hyderabad5/23 h 30 mIonization measurement and IMAP (Indian Middle Atmosphere Program)--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour5/13---SPECTROPHOTOMETER--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)5/162 hFIRS (Far InfraRed Spectrometer)Balloon burst during ascent. Payload recovered 20 miles N of Nacogdoches, Texas, US
Mendoza5/24---ALIR II--- No Data ---
Watukosek6/53 hTEST FLIGHT100 km W of Watukosek, Indonesia
Watukosek6/11---SOLAR ECLIPSE OBSERVATION--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)6/1715h 15 mBMLS (Balloon-borne Microwave Limb Sounder)30 miles SE of Salt Flat, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)6/17---HIGH RESOLUTION IR SOLAR OBSERVATION23 miles E of Pecos, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)6/20---BIC - NPL GONDOLA35 miles E of El Paso, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)6/2015 hFIRS (Far InfraRed Spectrometer)25 miles SW of Pecos, Texas, US
Gap-Tallard6/2810 hSIMBA (Solar Irradiance Monitoring from Balloons)Payload landed in a long distance high voltage line 80 km NE of Aire sur L'Adour, Landes, France. Suffered no damage.
Trapani7/122 hALIOSNear Sevilla, Spain
Trapani7/1122 hTELEMAQUENear Sevilla, Spain
Palestine (TX)7/125 hSOLAR CELL CALIBRATION45 miles NE of Abilene, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)7/18---MSBS (Mass Spectrometer-Beam System)15 miles NW of Carlsbad, New Mexico, US
Mendoza7/19---GENESIS II--- No Data ---
Gimli (MB)7/248 hTDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometer)--- No Data ---
Trapani7/26~ 20 hELENANear Sevilla, Spain
Gimli (MB)8/18~ 10 hLIMB-SCANNING RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)8/25---ULTRAVIOLET SPECTROMETER5 miles NE of Lowake, Texas, US
Sanriku8/28~ 6 hSAKURA (Cryogenic Sampler)--- No Data ---
Sanriku9/6---MICROGRAVITY EXPERIMENT--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour9/105 h 55 mCRYOGENIC SAMPLERSW of Aurillac, Auvergne region, France
Aire Sur L'Adour9/105 h 38 mCRYOGENIC SAMPLERNear Aurillac, Auvergne region, France
Holloman AFB (NM)9/17---DUCKY IBalloon failure. Aborted flight
Aire Sur L'Adour9/20---CHEMILUMINESCENT SONDE--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)9/23~3 hDGT (Directional Gamma-Ray Telescope)4 miles NE of Crocket, Texas, US
Palestine (TX)9/2359 hJACEE 4 (Japanese-American Collaborative Emulsion Experiment)13 miles W of Carlsbad, New Mexico, US
Aire Sur L'Adour9/23---INFRARED SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour9/289 hMICROWAVE RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)9/29---GERMANIUM GAMMA RAY TELESCOPE4 miles S of York, Alabama, US
Palestine (TX)9/3012 hHEGCS (High Energy Gas Cerenkov Spectrometer)24 miles N of Shreveport, Louisiana, US
Aire Sur L'Adour10/5---PACIMS (Passive Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry)--- No Data ---
Holloman AFB (NM)10/117 h 20 mDUCKY IaLovington, New Mexico, US
Palestine (TX)10/16---BLISS (Balloon-borne Laser In-Situ Sensor)28 miles NE of Monroe, Louisiana, US
Hyderabad10/20---Radiation measurements, electro-dynamics experience and IMAP (Indian Middle Atmosphere Program)--- No Data ---
Holloman AFB (NM)10/23F 30 mSCRIBE (Stratospheric cryogenic interferometer balloon experiment)--- No Data ---
Palestine (TX)10/278 hBALLOON-BORNE LIDAR33 miles SW of Jackson, Mississippi, US
Palestine (TX)10/2813 h 50 mSIRIS (Stratospheric InfraRed Interferometer Spectrometer)25 miles ENE of Bugalusa, Louisiana, US
Paardefontein10/307 dTECHNOLOGICAL FLIGHT - GREAT VOLUME MIR--- No Data ---
São Manuel (SP)11/??---FIGARO (French Italian Gamma Ray Observatory)Payload destroyed
São Manuel (SP)11/114 hAGLAE 83--- No Data ---
Hyderabad11/214 h 40 mINFRARED ASTRONOMY--- No Data ---
Paardefontein12/319 dWATER VAPOUR + RADIOMETER + ATMOSPHERIC GRAVITY WAVESIn the Pacific Ocean at 170º Long. East
Hyderabad12/12---TICAL - X-RAY TELESCOPE--- No Data ---
Aire Sur L'Adour12/153 hRADIBAL (RADIomètre BALlon)150 km NE from Aire Sur L'Adour, France
Cachoeira Paulista (SP)12/2011 hGAMMA RAY SPECTROMETERIn Santa Fe do Sul, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Hyderabad12/21---X-RAY STUDIES--- No Data ---