Location of all the stratospheric balloon launch sites currently operative in the world

Each red marker in the map below represents a stratospheric balloon launch base with dedicated facilities (big red marker) or a temporary site (small red marker) which are currently active. It could occur that one facility is "active" as it retains it's balloon launch capabilities in terms of infrastructure althought it had not performed a single launch in the last months or years. In the other hand, do exist other places with no such dedicated infrastructure (i.e. airports) but which were used regularly in the last months or years for this activity.

Below this map, at right you will see a long menu with options: is a table containing all the balloon launch sites which have a dedicated page in StratoCat separated by continent or region, and country. In the case of the United States and Canadá due to the huge number of launch sites, the subdivision is at State and Province level respectivelly. Clicking each item you can access detailed information about these sites. This include permanent bases (currently active or not) and alternative or temporary sites only used for some campaigns like airfields, universities, open fields, and even ships and aircraft carriers.

Latest additions

As an evolutionary project StratoCat is constantly adding information on balloon launch bases and sites around the world used for this activity since late 40's. Nowadays, the site contains detailed information and launch logs for around 80 sites, which represents only a portion of the almost 400 different sites I've identified so far, since the start of the project. The list below contains the last additions to this section.

Timmins Stratospheric Balloon Base
Launch base with permanent facilities at civilian airport

Operative since 2013. Mainly used by the CNES French balloon program.
Launches performed there until 2015: 15

Uruguaiana Airport, Rio Grande do Sul
Small civilian airport

Used to perform only one launch during a NASA expedition for the total eclipse of Sun in 1966.

Fazenda Normal, Quixerabomim, Ceara

Used to perform stratospheric balloon launches between end of the 70's decade and 1982
Estimated number of launches done: 15

Donaldson Industrial Air Park, Greenville
Temporary launch site from Civilian airport

It served to launch stratospheric balloons for NASA balloon program between 1979 and 1983
Total number of balloons flown there 10

Alegrete Airport, Rio Grande do Sul
Small civilian airport

Used during a NASA expedition to observe the total Sun eclipse of 1966.
Total number of launches performed there: 3

Tortoli/Arbatax Airport, Sardignia
Civilian airport

Used for only two stratospheric balloon missions in 2007 and 2010

Taiki Aerospace Research Field, Hokkaido
Aerospace research facility with permanent balloon launch infrastructure

Adapted for stratospheric balloon launches since 2008
Estimated number of launches done: 27

Mahé International Airport
Civilian airport

It served to launch balloons in two campaigns in late 70's and again between 2005 and 2012
Estimated number of balloons launched there: 200