Dayvan Cowboy (video)

Dayvan Cowboy is an instrumental composition by the Scottish electronic music duo Boards of Canada formed by brothers Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin. The track was included in their third album The Campfire Headphase which was released on October 2005.

Next year was released an EP entitled "Trans Canada Highway" on which was included the first music video made by the group for the song "Dayvan Cowboy". The video -directed by Melissa Olson- opens with footage from the infamous third stratospheric jump from a stratospheric balloon conducted by Joe Kittinger over New Mexico in August 1960, as part of the EXCELSIOR program. The final part of the free fall is mixed with footage of the big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton landing in the ocean after his parachute successfully opens. As he rises to the surface, he grasps a surfboard and begins to ride waves. Finally the video closes with a scene of the sun setting which was taken from the surfing documentary Crystal Voyager

The song is considered by many to be Boards of Canada's first mainstream single and was used in TV shows like "CSI: Miami", "Kyle XY" and the 2012 film, "Now Is Good".

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