Description of the payload

HySICS is a spectrometer capable of measuring outgoing Earth-reflected radiation with unprecedented accuracy relative to the incident sunlight.

The intent of HySICS is to demonstrate radiometric accuracies better than 0.2% in the shortwave spectral region (350 - 2,300 nm) at resolutions <8 nm. The instrument images scenes onto a single focal plane array which covers this solar and near infrared spectral region containing most of the Sun's emitted energy. Using a single array allows HySICS to be smaller and lighter than other spatial/spectral imager designs, enabling cost, mass, volume, and power savings for future space-based Earth Observing missions.

Details of the balloon flight and scientific outcome

Launch site: Scientific Flight Balloon Facility, Fort Sumner, (NM), US  
Balloon launched by: Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility (CSBF)
Balloon manufacturer/size/composition: Zero Pressure Balloon  
Flight identification number: 650N

External references and bibliographical sources

Images of the mission