Description of the payload

An hygrometer is an instrument which measures the water vapor content in the atmosphere. This one was launched in support of the MAGIC (Mesospheric Aerosol - Genesis, Interaction and Composition) rocket, launched a few hours later and wich aim was to collect the meteoric material in the atmosphere and to return it to the ground. After the flight everything was taken to laboratories where various methods will be applied to analyze the collected "stardust".

In this frame work the balloon-borne hygrometer was launched some hours before the rocket to provide detailed measurements of water vapour as it serves as an excellent tracer for mesospheric transport.

These measurements have been done using MISU's optical hygrometer technique.

Details of the balloon flight and scientific outcome

Launch site: European Space Range, Kiruna, Sweden  
Balloon launched by: Swedish Space Corporation (SSC)
Balloon manufacturer/size/composition: Zero Pressure Balloon  
Campaign: MAGIC  

The balloon was launched at 3:13 UTC on January 10th, 2005.

The balloon reached an altitude of 33,7 km and flew for approximately 2 hours into the northern part of Finland.

No data available about landing or recovery.

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Images of the mission

Preparing the Hygrometer Another view of the small payload Balloon inflation